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How to find matching personnel that are suited to the challenges of today's interconnected and fast-paced working world?

How to attract top talents for your organization?

I define recruiting as the entire process of recruitment through which companies ensure sustainable growth and long-term realisation of their business goals.

In my career, I have been responsible for a wide variety of recruiting projects, ranging from A to Z: from requirements analysis and applicant screening to conducting personal interviews and filling vacancies. Since I worked for several years with companies specialized in HR services, I have an in-depth knowledge in this field. Quite specifically, process and methodological knowledge of the headhunting business can empower internal HR departments to position themselves leaner and more promising in terms of recruiting.

Recruiting for corporates

My training measures in recruiting are aimed at companies that want to actively find top employees in an increasingly competitive job market and want to win them long term. With tailor-made training courses, coaching and workshops, I cover the entire chain of the recruiting process, from the requirements analysis with the specialist department to target-group-specific advertising design and active sourcing to the accurate management of personal and virtual interviews.


We can check to what extent the option of agile personnel selection could be useful for your organization. All recruiting measures can be carried out face-to-face, online or in a mixed form as a blended learning format.

Training content

Skillset profiles


Winning job advertisements


Optimization of the Candidate Experience throughout the entire recruiting process


Structured and agile applicant interviews - online and on site


Active Sourcing


Are you in safe hands when your recruiters know how to proactively and sustainably generate HR for your company?

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