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Are you in safe hands when your recruiters know how to proactively and sustainably generate resources for your company?

My network

Regardless of whether it is for large-volume projects, large group moderation, events or special expertise: I always rely on highly qualified partners when it makes sense for you.

Synergies for your success

Stöger & Partner GmbH

Stöger & Partner is a partner-managed consulting, coaching and training company for the support of agile developments and agile learning. We have been a consulting and coaching company for communication and organizational personnel development since 1988 and have been supporting large and medium-sized companies, start-ups and grown-ups since then. Our fields of competence are personnel & organizational development, training & coaching, consulting & education; our core topics include lateral leadership, developing an agile mindset, communication, and personal resilience and corporate resilience.

Commax Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

Commax Consulting GmbH & Co. KG is a national and international consulting company for personnel development, management training and brand loyalty programs. We are "The people specialists". Our approach: Look at the people, the organization and what both stand for - the charisma of the system. How do people organize in a company? What values ​​and beliefs do you express? Which ones lead you there in the first place? And what measures, formats, methods and instruments can we use to influence their skills and behavior? We answer these questions as part of our consulting approach.

Institut Gesunde Karriere

Create generative success. The Institute for Healthy Careers is a learning and development space for specialists and executives, consultants and interested parties. The institute offers individual coaching on management issues, facilitation of processes in companies and institutions, tailor-made and participation-oriented, and advanced training for generative process support. Healthy careers negotiate futures and connect people.

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