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Further development through competence

For the professional development of your employees, competencies that are critical to success and that advance your company are essential. I train these skills in interactive formats with self-reflection, individual feedback and a high level of practical experience. Depending on your needs, virtually and live at your location.

A competence is not just something that is written on paper or on a certificate. It shows in daily actions. To build up a competence you need knowledge and skills, but also practical exercise over a longer period of time. I accompany you in defining target competencies in your target area and establishing them sustainably.


Key competencies in a complex, networked and rapidly changing world are leadership and communication skills.

Leadership through competence

Classically shaped leadership, i.e. the ability to consciously move people to defined goals, is no longer sufficient in today's world. Anyone who wants to lead successfully today must be open to change and be able to take employees along emotionally. This essentially includes researching and questioning one's own attitude towards dealing with chaos and complexity.

Einige Themengebiete, die ich abdecke, sind:

Virtuelles Führen


Laterales Führen (Führen ohne disziplinarische Verantwortung)


Führen von heterogenen Teams



Gesundes Führen




Communication skills

Communication is the competence to convey and receive content in a clear, recipient-oriented, appreciative and authentic manner. And that both verbally and non-verbally. Good business communication is essential in our networked, rapidly changing world of work. It enables efficient work processes, less friction loss due to internal disputes, keeping good employees, higher customer satisfaction and, last but not least, saving resources and time.


In my career as a headhunter and coach, I have always worked in complex environments with several stakeholders and a wide variety of contact persons. I know how to bring projects forward communicatively under pressure and how to deal with sensitive topics with a sure instinct.

Team communication and new work

My focus, your strength:

Digital communication

Tools for conducting a conversation

Moderation of discussions and meetings

Leadership Communication

Agile working

Professional development

Success through competence

As a long-time coach of managing directors and executives and with my experience in leading teams and projects on an international level, I can shape your employees towards performance and leadership.


The target group of such further training measures to strengthen leadership skills are managers with technical and disciplinary responsibility.

Virtual leadership

Competence through leadership:

Lateral leadership (leadership without disciplinary responsibility)

Leading heterogeneous teams


Healthy leadership

Agile leadership

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