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Business Coaching

My business coaching is aimed at the ones who are looking for qualified and trustworthy support for creating a successful working life.

Your driver for change

Some of the changes that you are experiencing are initiated from outside: a new manager, restructuring, a loss in your private life. These and many other events lead us to look for new ways to cope with new surrounding conditions. Other changes tend to come from within. You may realize that it is time to start something new. You may seek fresh impulses and new perspectives in order to grow personally.

Aiming | Energizing | Liberating!

In times of change, I will support you with professional guidance. I will help you to grasp your current situation clearly and to discover new options to take action. This generally has a liberating effect and unleashes energy deep in you.


The good thing is:

My coaching is straight forward and solution-oriented. We do not analyze problems for an unnecessarily long time, but we develop solutions that help you advance quickly. Through years experience consulting and coaching, I am dedicated to your concerns with empathy, sensitivity and a pragmatic approach. You always take something with you to test and then evaluate later with me.

Application coaching

With 10 years of experience in headhunting, I know what attractive employers look for. I will teach you how to best present yourself, both in writing and in a face-to-face or virtual interview. We optimize your résumé so that your skills are in the foreground and weak points are eliminated. In this way, we increase the chances that your reorientation will be promt and accurate until you successfully enrole in your desired position.

Coaching for professional self-discovery

With this coaching we dig one level deeper. We deal with the question of your original talent and your vocation. If you are truly honest with yourself, are you currently enroled in the very job that you always wanted to do? If asked about your dream job, would you name your current one? And does your current job match your actual talent, what you do best? In coaching I help you to find answers to these questions and to gain clarity about your goals. I can then support you with application coaching to help you find your new job.

Behavioral coaching

Sometimes a general, indefinable dissatisfaction can be felt, a kind of internal blockage that prevents you from being happy, both professionally and personally. We get to the bottom of this blockage in a solution-oriented and sensitive manner. We use your conscious and unconscious resources and develop small, concrete steps towards a better ability to act so that you can live your life again with joy and self-awareness.

Get in touch for enquiries and an initial, free consultation!

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