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Situations of separation are a sensitive matter in which fears and resistance surface. I support your employees in repositioning themselves quickly and successfully in the labor market and leaving the separation phase behind them. And I support you in looking ahead when reorganizing your company and concentrating on the essentials.


My outplacement advice offers you and your employees professional support and relief in dealing with the crisis situation. My goal is to enable those affected as quickly as possible to find a suitable and long-term successful new position.

Support in times of change

My competence

Thanks to my many years of work in the personnel consulting business, I have extensive specialist knowledge and a broad network. I know the background to restructuring and personnel decisions. On the other hand, I know the criteria by which applicants are selected or sorted out, both by headhunters and by companies. I know the opportunities and risks of networking activities and can act with the necessary instinct. I know about the differences in recruiting at the various levels and can adapt my advice individually to the initial situation and talents of your employees.


We define the process, priorities and time frame together at the beginning of the project. After this initial strategy phase, we select the most suitable consulting elements for your situation and structure them in a project plan. This can include individual coaching as well as trainings and group workshops, in which the participants are intensively prepared, e.g. for job interviews.

  • Clean handling of the separation process

  • Relief in HR matters

  • Developing a high-quality, appreciative separation culture

  • Reinforcement of identification with the company through fair personnel policy

  • Avoidance of negative image effects and unnecessary legal disputes

  • Guaranteed support for those affected until the end of the probationary period in the new employment relationship

Luisa Scalvini Outplacement Consulting
  • Crisis intervention during the termination phase

  • Screening both open and hidden labor markets

  • Use of headhunters and social networks

  • Professional preparation of the application documents

  • Creation of an appealing letter of application

  • Training of the job interview

  • Analysis and appreciation of one's own successes

  • Own vision and goal setting

  • Coaching on motivation, integrity and decision making

Luisa Scalvini Outplacement
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